Our mission

Grow old in a caring home like environment at Wynwood Nursing Home.

The proprietor and staff of Wynwood Nursing Home Pty Ltd believe that the Home should provide the best possible individualised planned care to the ageing population and to the needs of the individual within the co-operative team-like environment whilst continuously improving the delivery of that care.


  • To provide the highest possible quality care at all times based upon individual needs. 
  • To achieve effective and efficient management of all Home resources.
  • To provide a comfortable, holistic and safe environment conducive to residents needs.
  • To encourage and maintain competence of Home staff by providing facilities and support for continuing staff development. 
  • To provide an environment for staff that is conducive to high staff morale whilst ensuring staff practice within legal, moral and ethical boundaries.
  • To maintain ongoing evaluation and monitoring of all activities, ensuring excellence of service.
  • To ensure all members of the health care team are kept informed on all aspects of care.
  • To provide new services where appropriate.